Monday, December 17, 2012

c r e s c e n d o

A beautiful and colourful Black rhino doll, created by Afribeads and made by hand in Uganda.
I bought it at an Ethica Fair trade Market a few months ago, and last week it became the inspiration
for these new woven forms...

Are there any relaxed, chilled out weeks on the horizon?
Every time I reach a deadline and complete it, there seems to be three more in its wake!
I remember this time last year I was feeling all jolly and festive after making, baking and sending out Christmas cards, gifts and goodies. I called it the season of MAKING, and I loved the connection that it gave me to the the season. 

Well... this year couldn't be more different if it tried. 

Maybe its just me but Christmas this year is just another deadline tacked on the back of the queue! Im SORRY to say it... but its true. 

For years Ive made cards and enjoyed the process of writing out personal messages to all my friends and family. But that takes time. And right now my time and most importantly my energy  is not quite there yet. Im starting to feel that Christmas will something I will enjoy on the actual day this year. Trying to make 'n bake 'n shop for weeks in advance has gone out the window. 

So where am i?
Well... right now im talking to you and editing images that were taken over the last 4 days. Images of new woven artworks for the Breathing Colours Gallery Christmas Exhibition {which has its end of year party on Saturday if you're in the neighbourhood}, and images shot by the lovely Alex Standen at my final weaving workshop for the year, at Object Gallery last Saturday. 

Ill show you those photos later in the week.

But for now I thought Id do a tiny show and tell of my three new woven bowls that were completed in a marathon weaving session in the last week!! Crazy? Yes. But I was so happy to complete this deadline. And say hello to three new designs at the end of it....
Hope you like them
Cotton Candy, Woven Bowl, 2012

Detail from Cotton Candy

The other side of my tiny Rhino...

Green Fields, Woven Bowl 2012

The Big Top, Woven Bowl, 2012

Detail from The Big Top...

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Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Gorg! I love those colours!

It's been the anti-Christmas for me too this year, cards still sitting here waiting to be written. Zero shopping done. I think it's going to be about the day too. Xx