Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas playtime

Weaving workshop, Object Gallery, December 2012

T'was the week before Christmas
And all through the city 
people were rushing 
to buy some seasons cheer!

Sorry that didn't rhyme at all. But you get the gist...
In the last few days the Christmas rush has well and truly hit the city, and everywhere you go people have been darting in and out of cars, shops and schools, tying up loose ends before breathing a collective sigh of relief and disappearing into the night. Well - disappearing to their summer holiday sub-lets for the Summer! 

So when it came my last workshop for the year at Object Gallery last Saturday I kinda thought that the gallery would be deserted wasteland, and that id be teaching myself how to weave. 

Well - How wrong I was.
It was a sold out class and I was overwhelmed.
Maybe people are looking to art and craft to get them through the silly season? I hope so, as turning to craft at this time of the year can be therapeutic and meditative... if you can stop for five minutes. 
Which truth be told, is a difficult proposition. 

But last Saturday a lovely group of people sat down with me at the weaving table, for a great afternoon of chatting, colour and craft. 

Thank you to everyone who came along to ALL my workshops this year. 
Its been so great to share some creative playtime with you.
And all I can say is....
Let's do it all again in 2013!

Jody getting started on a new woven form...

Giving a few sugestions to the lovely Barbara...
Oh and for all of you who were playing my guessing game from the 5th Dec post, the answer can be found in this photo!!

Busy busy busy...

It was great to work in such a big space!! In this pic you can see the Manga pod that has become the pop up store for the gallery over Christmas... and its worth a look if you're in the Surry Hills area, as it is filled with the most amazing hand made artworks... curated by the lovely Olenka!

The pincer move! I have no idea what I was talkin about but at the end of the class I know that most people had left with the beginnings of some brilliant woven bowls, brooches and Christmas decorations!
Thank you to everyone for a great workshop!! I hope you enjoyed it?!

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