Wednesday, December 12, 2012

trip the light

3-metre painting in progress at the pop up studio space, 2012

Its December. Well - it's mid December and Im into my last few days at The Pop Up!
Six months down and only a few days to go....

I cant believe how those months have skipped, or flown by, whilst Ive been knee deep in workshops - and one hellava commission!

Both of these project have pushed my artistic boundaries and given me more confidence as an artist. But this massive commission - to complete two big, technicoloured canvas paintings for a family home in Sydney - let me run wild on a scale that I have never EVER attempted before!
{And funnily enough Ive loved every minute of it.}

Ive had friends tell me in the past, that they would love to see my artwork on a bigger scale. 

Well - Kylie, George, Gino and co.... Ive done it!! 
And I just hope you like the results?

Ive posted about this commission a few times over the past few months, so if you would like a tiny recap, please have a look here.... and here.

But now this little journey has come to an end. 
My paint brushes have been packed away, and ive created a tiny pile of stuff in the corner of the studio that is all ready to be moved out... and moved on. 
Thank you to the Deans, for this great opportunity.
Its been so so great to work on this project...
And in a space that has been truly perfect. 

Nearly there.... but it just needs to be hung on a wall so I can look at it for final touches... Dec 2012

Details from panels 1+ 2...

taking the long view... and starting to think that it needs a title

Ta da! Its finished and ready to be given to its new owners!
And the name?
Trip The Light, 2012, Acrylic on Canvas

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