Sunday, December 9, 2012

woven through time....

The amazing woven pieces created in some of the Pop Up workshops this year...

I cant think of a better way to start the week, than with a photographic thank you to all the amazingly lovely people that came along to my weaving workshops this year. 

Way back in January I mentioned to a few friends that I would love to teach + share my artistic passions with the community at some point during the year. I dont know why? Or why now? It was just a gut feeling. And nothing more. 
So I left my conversations on the shelf and started to concentrate on my solo exhibition - never foreseeing what lay in store for me after that massive project was completed in June. 

But then things started to take shape. A children's class here. A weaving workshop there. And suddenly things took flight. Through Koskela, Macquarie Uni, Object Gallery and The Pop Up project in Crows Nest, I was able to teach... and play... with so many creative people that I was truly humbled by the end of it. Most of the classes became collaborations and opportunities to share, talk and learn - something which my colourful photos cant describe to you.

But in this little montage of images (above) you can see some of the pieces that were created throughout the weaving sessions this year. And boy - did people make the most colourfully inspired woven forms?! Each piece was aesthetically unique - with materials and techniques that each person experimented with on their own. I love when people try new things and let go, which is something that I like to try to pass on from my own studio practice.

So now Im excited for 2013, and the possibility of more workshop sessions to come!

But until then I have ONE MORE weaving workshop for 2012! 
And it takes place this Saturday (15 Dec) at Object Gallery, Bourke St Surry Hills from 2.30-4pm. There are a few places left. So - if you would like to join us, please click here

See you soon

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Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Beautiful! Your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious, which what makes you a good teacher.
Lucy was lying in bed last night and was looking at her bunting saying; "Remember when I made that?"