Monday, February 4, 2013

help yourself why don't cha!

Two visitors to the gallery taking a close look at Bridget Kennedy's
jewellery installation at Depot Gallery in Sydney.

Duck and cover...
That is the best way to describe the weather in Sydney at the moment...
Summer seems to have gone AWOL, leaving us high - but definitely not dry!
Every dark cloud has the potential to thrown down the most tremendous amount of rain... 
And it has turned cold...freezing cold! In February! 

What to do.... What to do...
Well in cases like these I usually turn to the art galleries for shelter and inspiration. 
And lucky for me I was able to catch Bridget Kennedy's amazing jewellery installation on its last day at the Depot Gallery at Danks st. {in association with Studio 20/17}.

The exhibition was called 'Just help yourself why don't cha' and it existed of one art work. 
One art work containing 10 000 rings made of beeswax, zinc, lead, coal and gold.
It was truly beautiful. And the room was filled with the scent of beeswax.

The idea was that visitors could look at the work and then choose a ring for themselves for a small donation. 
It took me AGES to find a ring out of this amazing collection. But in the end I found one after circling and studying each piece in detail. 
Well - not EVERY piece... but many of them! 

Such an amazing show to start the year. 
Now for the Dobell Drawing Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW, before it closes on Sunday!

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