Friday, February 1, 2013

yo -yo week.


Im not going to lie.
Its been a yo-yo week.
A week of ups+downs.

If you've beeb following me on instagram and fb, you would know that I moved my studio on Wednesday. 
Hot, humid Wednesday.
I felt like I was moving house!
Why oh why do I love wooden things so much? 
Tables, chairs, boxes, easels - a mixture of dirty art materials, delicate workshop materials... and heavy wooden furniture.

And somewhere in the middle of all that stuff is my art practice... and me. 

old+new, big+tiny, personal+communal, fine art+craft.

Like this blog.

I have too many ideas and too many ways of creating. 
I just hope it all makes sense... to you and to me?!

Im sure things will take shape once i unpack and start working. {do I sound convincing??}

But what has taken shape this week is my weaving workshop schedule for Koskela and Object  in March/April.
Let the playtime begin!!

{ps - if youre wondering what all these photos are about - they are all images on 'texture' that ive been sharing on instagram. Hope you like them...}

after the rain on a stroll home.

Taken on a favourite local walk in Sydney.
Love all the speckled colour on the trees...

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