Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a u t u m n

^a u t u m n^ 2013

hi autumn.
you may have caught me a little unaware
but im happy to see you just the same.

i had forgotten how cold your mornings can be
and that you like me to carry an extra layer of clothing
wherever i go.

you still like to make the sun hot in the middle of day
which is very considerate of you...

and I do like the fact that the water at the beach is still warm
(if i decide to squeeze in a swim.)

your colours are what i love to see the most though autumn
you really know how to up the volume on all your red + yellows.

and your sunsets are truly beautiful.

I hope we have a lovely time together
And that winter comes a little late to the party this year?

(I have my fingers crossed.)


Alenka said...
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Alenka said...

you're such a cutie! x