Monday, March 25, 2013

in the detail

second koskela weaving workshop

its true what they say...
it's all the details.

I had another brilliant time on Saturday for my second weaving workshop this month at Koskela, as I was privileged to meet another lovely group of people who were keen to create a handmade object of their very own.

I loved watching everyone pick up their materials and click their hands + fingers into creative overdrive, while chatting with new faces seated round them.

Many had never tried weaving before. 
So it was amazing to see everyone leave the class with the beginnings of a beautiful object.

It was a really lovely morning. 
Within a space that is so inviting and inspiring. 

After I had packed my car with all my materials I decided to unwind by walking around Koskela's showroom floor, so I could take in all the beautiful colours, textures and patterns that are displayed on every surface. 

And as you can see from these few photos, I got inspired by all the details.
In even the most humblest of surfaces. 

It really is the little things...
That make me happy.

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katie.rose said...

LOVED your workshop Michelle!

Some more words and pics here >>