Thursday, March 14, 2013

^ g r e e n ^

Diary sketches... March 2013

Can you see the theme running though my work at the moment?
Consciously or unconsciously ive been drawn to the beautiful colour of green.

When I started the year I had a strong focus towards the mysterious and the contemplative colours of the constellations.
And the indigo blue of the universe.
And yet somehow Ive taken a u-turn and headed back down to earth.
And found the colours of Nature.

Maybe its because my studio window looks out onto a big park?
Maybe its because green is a calm and restorative colour?

Who knows...

It's all a creative journey.
And im on a search + discovery ride
Until someone shouts out...

Looking through the woven branches... to the white light.

the start of a new woven form... march 2013
A photo I took after the rain... when everything was glowing green.


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Green has been my colour this year too, I've bought three green dresses recently!
Perhaps because of the lack of green in my surroundings?!

michele aka the tiny said...

Hi Rin- Yeah I remember you talking about your love of green dresses at the moment. Im sure they look beautiful on you... But you could be looking for some green in your life - as its not surrounding you all the time like in Sydney? I find it fascinating how we gravitate for certain colours when we need them xxx