Wednesday, March 27, 2013

in the studio : sarah o'sullivan

Sarah working in her new studio, Sydney, 2013

There is something about visiting an artists' studio that makes me excited.

maybe its seeing alchemy take place?
maybe its seeing a workplace that is all about play + creativity?
maybe its seeing and feeling different materials and surfaces?

Maybe its knowing that you're getting a rare opportunity to see and talk to a creative person about their process - a behind the scenes glimpse into their artistic world that is usually hidden away behind closed doors.

Anyway - 
no matter what the reason I just love it. 

Unfortunately it doesn't happen that often. 
Like with most gets in the way and plans takes forever to realise.

So when good friend Sarah O'Sullivan invited a few of us over to her new studio for a visit...
I jumped at the chance.

Sarah is an amazing ceramic artist who recently graduated from the National Art School with honours.
Her work is all about the everyday object and the memories, nostalgia and beauty that is contained within it. 

Each of her ceramic pieces is unique and extremely detailed - making you want to touch and take a closer look at every pattern, every mark, and every colour. 

Later this year Sarah has an exhibition at Sabbia Gallery in Sydney. 
So on top of moving into her amazing new studio space, Sarah has been getting to work on a new body of work. 

Busy busy lady. 

But enough of that... lets start the tour! 
(do I sound like an impatient kid in the back seat of the car? maybe...)

Getting work on a few new ceramic pieces.
You see... beautiful patterns, colours and marks.

I found so many beautiful colours and textures.... that  were glowing within the
stark white walls and windows in her space.

The everyday objects that Sarah constructs moulds from....

filing... shaping.... sanding.... shaping....

I loved the floor!!  Of course I would! Its green and textured!

Shelves covered in work materials.... all lined up and ready to go!

Jess asking questions about a new piece that Sarah is working on...

The old vs. The new.
Sarah is a collector of all things nostalgic .. like me!

Amazing light... and space in her new studio in Marrickville.
What the building was in a previous life is anyone's guess!

Thank you so much Sarah for having me over to your new studio.
I truly loved it and felt like I was walking back in time.

Happy making and enjoy every moment in your fantastic space!
Cant wait to see your exhibition later this year.

(Ill let you all know when its happening!)


boxeduck said...

Thank you for posting about Sarah's new studio! A beautiful space and I look forward to seeing the new work in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Great studio space Sarah... and beautiful work!

// Luisa