Monday, April 1, 2013

shifts in time and temperature

Sunday at Manly Beach... March 2013

Its the Easter Long Weekend and the place is quiet and lacking the usual mad traffic noise that usually filters through my window at this point in the day.  The sound of magpies singing and talking to each other is letting me know that its a public holiday today.

So I thought I would start the new week off in a quiet - non arty way - and give you a couple of images from my week in Sydney. 

Since the beginning of February I've felt like im on a race track, setting a repetitive groove in the road between home and the studio in my little blue car. So every once in a while I like to shift the pace, and enjoy a couple quiet moments in beautiful environments... such as this. 

The water at the beach is still warm enough for a few laps. 
And the sun is still hot enough to dry you off before jumping on a bus, or in a car, to go home.

The nature reserve near my place has the most beautiful soft light filtering through it in the afternoons. 
Soon it will be daylight saving, so im taking every opportunity to go out at dusk and enjoy the long sunny evenings.

I always feel that Autumn is a time to enjoy those shifts in temperature and time before Winter sets a sombre, indoor tone.

Its also a great time to reflect on where you're year is heading. 
And what direction you'd like to point your compass to next.

Local Reserve... March 2013

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