Monday, April 15, 2013

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Botanical printing workshop for kids at Koskela

Last year was a big year of change for me.
After working in galleries for over 10 years, things began to shift.
I left Object Gallery. I challenged myself to complete a new body of work and have a solo exhibition, six months earlier than i thought. I was offered a chance to start a new pop up project with 7 other amazing artists. And I got the opportunity to teach.

Teaching is something that Ive always wanted to do. 
Creating with a group of people is an amazing thing. I love watching people making something new and getting their hands busy with a whole lot of new materials. So much of the work we do these days is technology based. Even in the arts. It makes me wonder where we will be in years to come.  Will we know how to write and draw? Will be shy away from anything creative as we will fear the process of making a mess and playing?

When I was growing up I had some amazing mentors around me. And in primary school there was one amazing and colourful woman named Mrs Salmon. Mrs Salmon taught us craft one day a week and she was someone everybody loved. She was larger than life with a laugh to match. And she always wore brightly coloured clothes while presenting us with an array of crafty projects.

I loved her and her positive attitude. She could make anyone excited by what they were about to make, believing that the act of trying was more important than the completion of perfection - which is a mantra that stays with me to this day.

So, when Koskela asked if I would like to teach a children's workshop late last year I jumped at the chance. 
I thought of some of the fun + easy things I learnt as a kid - and remembered botanical printmaking as a great way of getting your hands dirty with colour.

As you can see from these photos, we had a great class with everyone taking home a big wallpaper sized print to put on their walls. 
This Wednesday im doing it all over again for the school holidays, and there are a few last minute places available for anyone who would like to come and join in.
All the details can be found here.

Thank you to Koskela for these images.
I never got the chance to get my hands on a camera.
They were always too busy!

Getting stuck in with LOTS of colours and lots of paper!

Its printimaking using all your hands, knees, elbows and arms
 as we get busy making our wallpaper design...


Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

Wonderful! Looks fantastic!! Cx said...

Oh so brilliant! I can just imagine this being turned into a textile print...made into bags/cushions...endless ideas!!!