Friday, April 12, 2013

new weaving + new workshop announcements!

Lenky's Carousel, Mixed Media Weaving, April 2013

It feels like a year since I last posted!
I know it hasnt been THAT long. 
But alot has happened in the last week or
teaching a drawing workshop at the studio, making a new woven form for a 30th birthday gift, going to a retirement morning tea for my dear mama, organising catch ups with friends, confirming new weaving workshop dates... AND THEN... going on a three day trip to see the AMAZING Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition at the beautiful Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane!!


No wonder Im alittle tired today. 
It has been a massive week of events. 
And its a hard to know where to begin...

So maybe Ill start with a little workshop news.
And a show + tell session.

The weaving that you can see above is a new piece that I made for a good friends birthday last week. 
I called it Lenky's Carousel, as Lenky is her name, and I thought it looked like the top of a carousel that you would see at a show-ground or park in Europe. It flows on from the series of woven forms that I made at the end of last year that all had a circus theme to them. So I thought this little chappy fitted into that series nicely.

I love making gifts for friends. I think Ive always done it. Cards, drawings, paintings  embroideries, felt ornaments... anything and everything that im into at that particular moment in time. Its just lovely to give someone an object that is handmade. Which is what I like to talk about when Im teaching a workshop.

Speaking of which.... I have a little announcement to make today.
Im holding two new weaving workshops at my studio in a couple of weeks time! 
They will be on the Saturday 27 April and Saturday 4 May from 11-1pm. 
And I have 10 places available for each class. 
They will be $25, which will include all materials... and lots of conversation!

If you would like to come along please email me at 
And hopefully I will see some of you there.... 
Cant wait!

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Alenka said...

Ahhh there's my little carousel! Thanks Miss Tiny! Love it so much!!!
What an incredibly busy week you've had!! Looking forward to more Brissy shots!
Hope you have a relaxing weekend xoxoxo