Thursday, April 4, 2013

s k e t c h y

Sketch of the studio, March 2013

In the studio of late ive been knee deep in raffia and all sorts of weaving material.
Ive been on a roll and loving my long weaving sessions on the big wooden table.
In the middle of making three massive woven forms for the wall ive also taught a couple of workshops at Koskela {which you would have seen me rabbit on about in earlier posts}. So its safe to say that my art practice has been taken over by weaving! In the last few years it was just a side project for me. A way of relaxing, meditating and playing. But now it has officially worked its way into my new series of artworks, giving it a new- and textural-  dimension.

Last Thursday i finished off my latest big wall weaving form, and then I started to look at my pile of pencils and acknowledge their stares. Amongst all the weaving materials on the big wooden table they've been feeling a little rejected.

And, truth be told,  i've missed them too. They have always felt like an extension of myself.

But I cant seem to weave and draw at the same time. Its either one or the other. Strange I know. But true.
So its been a few weeks since I last asked my hands to remember how to draw.
And, at first, they wouldn't respond.

So I played.
And this little sketch of the studio is what I came up with.

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