Monday, May 13, 2013

botanical 101

Botanical lesson #101 with two of the lovely kids that came along to the
Koskela workshop...

A big wooden table all laid out with beautiful green leaves ... before the chaos began!

From reading this tiny blog you may have noticed something about me...
I love a good stroll around my city.
From the inner city to the harbour bush trails,
I love walking and soaking up my surroundings.

The sound of the birds, the smell of the wet grass, the feel of the hot sun on my back
And the sight of a thousands of beautiful colours - from the grass to the tree tops.

That is what inspired the botanical printing making workshop that Ive been teaching for a little while now.
I love collecting a smorgasbord of leaves and foliage for the kids to study and observe.
And then see beautiful wall paper sized prints evolve and take shape from the patterns and textures of each leaf.

(And to watch little faces light up in the realisation of what they have created in the blink of an eye... is priceless.)

These images are just a small sample of what happened a few weeks ago at Koskela when I taught my latest workshop to a group of lovely kids in the April school holidays.

I hope these photos add a little bit of colour + texture to your Monday morning!

Miss Marigold.
These were her practice runs before we started the 3m print!
photo: Ashely from Koskela

Such beautiful prints in the most beautiful colours...
photo: Ashley from Koskela

Bubblegum pink was the preferred colour on the day
Photo: Ashley from Koskela

ps... I just have to say a big thank you to Ashely for all her lovely photos.


Alenka said...

How gorgeous! Love to attend one of these ones one day soon! xx

mama bear said...

Agh! This is so beautiful Michele. I'm sure the kids would have loved your energy. xx