Wednesday, May 8, 2013

camperdown. playtime.

^the before shot - with the table all set and ready go for my first workshop at the studio ^

Hi everyone. 
And hello to you too miss month of May.
There's something lovely about the changes you bring to just about everyone + everything.
I love the smell and sight of dew drops on green grass in the morning...
And the warmth of a woollen blanket in the evenings... 
Yep. May. You can stay.

I was knee deep in workshop activities in last few weeks of April. 
So much so that I feel like I need to play catch up with you.
In the next few days ill show you a few photos from the beautiful children's botanical printmaking workshop that was held at Koskela during the school holidays. 
But today its all about weaving.

These are a few of the lovely images that Kate and Tina took at my first weaving workshop at the Camperdown studio. And as you can see it was a colourful couple of hours with a group of truly lovely people. Some new to weaving and a few that are seasoned performers to the craft.

The second weaving workshop last Saturday was equally brilliant. 
So great in fact, that I forgot to take any photos! 
The time just flew...

At the end of it all it was clear that I needed to organise a few more classes. 
So today Im happy to say that ive organised another two weaving workshops at the studio, for anyone who would like to come along. 

The dates are:
Saturday 18 May (with a focus on the material of raffia), $35 
Saturday 8 June (open class), $25
Both workshops will be from 11-1pm, and the cost includes materials

If you would like to come along please visit the tinytrappings store and book your place at the table!
And if you have any questions, please email me at

the beautiful faces and colours at the studio weaving sessions

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