Friday, May 17, 2013

its in the stars....

bits n bobs that are inspiring the new series of works at the studio...

The Multiverse.
Strings. Quantum Mechanics.
Bits n pieces of matter and molecule 
that make you and me.

Since moving to the Camperdown studio this massive subject matter that has been keeping me very VERY busy. Ive never been so focused and so inspired to make a new body of work in such a short space of time. Im completely fascinated by the stars. The universe. And everything seen and unseen. 
The colours are alot deeper and the drawings and weavings are a lot more complex.

This week I completed another woven form and a couple of drawings. 
And I should be satisfied.
But Im not.
This subject is too huge and too interesting for one little person and two tiny hands.

Let the artworks continue to flow!

a collection of ideas that continues to multiply and grow as the year goes on....