Monday, May 6, 2013

lenky's eye...

Alenka and her iphone make a visit to the studio... 

Something new and exciting to share with you today.
And I cant believe its taken me this long to do it!!

After 6 years of writing + photographing for this tiny blog -
Today is the first time Ive ever had a guest blogger.

Since moving into the Camperdown studios in January Ive tried to have as many people over to visit. 
One - because it is such an amazing space. 
And two - because I want others to share it with me. 

I couldnt imagine it any other way. 
The place feels so lovely when others come to sit, play, observe and create. 
And that is especially true when I have lots of people over for a workshop! 

So when my lovely friend Alenka, and her son Jona, came over for a visit a few weeks ago, I was eager to see what her eye would find while she took a walk around the space with her camera.

Alenka is an amazingly creative person who loves to share her projects and discoveries on her beautiful blog called yellowpaperkite. She also loves colour as much as I do, so I knew she would be keen to photograph all my colourful fabrics + objects.

As you can see she took some beautiful photos of the Camperdown space.
But she also made me see things in a new light! 

Thanks you Lenky for your beautiful images 
and for your visit to my Camperdown creative crash pad x

My collection of fabrics... some old, some new... some remnants!

Two woven forms sitting side by side - one made by me... and one given to me.

A little collection of objects -  found for pennies, or given for free !

These little glass jars with rubber stoppers are treasured items to me
as they are filled with pure coloured pigments.
I bought them in Marrakech when I travelled to Morocco 8 years ago.
I never use them!
I just like to look at them.


Jody Thompson said...

Wow! So colourful! :) said...

Yes your place is a true hive of inspiration!!!

Alenka said...

Thanks for having me lovely Tiny! And for always being a super inspiration! xxx

Alenka said...

Thanks for having me lovely Tiny! And for always being a shining inspiration! xxx