Monday, May 20, 2013

w o v e n ^ r a f f i a

Busy hands as everyone gets immersed in their weaving creations.

From the moment people started to arrive at the studio for Saturday's workshop, the energy lifted and there was a real excitement in the air, as everyone assessed the smorgasbord of materials on the table and decided how they were going to play with it all. 
It can be tricky to narrow down your focus. 
Especially with so many colours and textures on the big table.
But for this class I did all the hard work for them, by making Raffia the focal point of the whole show. 

From indigenous plant material of Pandanus - to the $2 dollar delights found the city - Raffia/plant fibres are a lovely material to work with, as they softly mould and shape to every move of your hands.

I love working with Raffia as it is versatile and interchangeable with other materials - and easily adapted into small or large sculptural forms - as the Tjampi Desert Weavers in Alice Springs NT skilfully demonstrate in their fibre creations.

At Saturday's workshop we had an amazing group of creative souls in the room, who needed only a few words from me to get the ball rolling. And in the blink of an eye they were making woven forms that were unique to their hands and intuitive minds.

The two hours flew by...
And as everyone started to leave they asked where they could source more materials. 
Which is always the nicest compliment. 

And Ive already received some beautiful images of completed pieces.
Which is also a lovely compliment.

Soon they will need their own blog! 
So stay tuned....

A few images taken by the the lovely Tina Fox aka PaperBagKits.
With so many amazing artists and creative minds at the workshop that day,
 beautiful woven forms were taking shape in record time.
A tiny raffia bowl by Tina.

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Aaah thanks Michele - I'm so proud of my tiny little bowl! Just goes to show that small and quick can be just as rewarding as big and complex!!! Glad the photos worked xx