Wednesday, May 22, 2013

outside my front door.

I found this beautiful spot at sunset yesterday
as I walked to the car after a big day in the studio.
The textures mixed with the fading light was truly beautiful.

Ive said it once -
And ill say it again -

It is truly amazing what you can find right outside your front door.
Light, colour, movement, texture...

These are a handful of moments from the last few weeks.
The first two images were found in Camperdown.
The last two were found near my home.

Industrial. Urban. Nature. Beauty.
The label doesn't matter.
What matters is the light
and the colours
that each portrays.

And soon it will all give way to Winter.

Four little street kids
all in a row
waiting for their mum to shout
come. on. home.

As I walked to a Mothers Day lunch at my brothers house
 I found this moment.
Or it found me!

Autumn from above.
On a walk through a special part of the city for me...

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