Monday, May 27, 2013

silent nightfall.

The final artwork... waiting to be wrapped.
Its called 'silent nightfall 2013'.

I think I have whiplash... from the frenetic pace of last week. 
Everything that happened last week felt fluid, as each project, and each day flowed into the next project... the next day. 
I call it 'new mama syndrome' as most of my friends who have kids, describe having a baby the same way! 

Thankfully, through the foggy haze, I do remember one project having a happy conclusion.
It was a commission for a dark and moody boat drawing on wood for a lovely friend called Jen. 
Now this commission has had a LOOOONG gestation, as Jen talked about a new artwork for her home when she was engaged. 
She's now married with two kids!

About a month ago Jen called me out of the blue - and asked me if she could visit the studio and have a snoop around my work - old and new. And while we talked, and looked around the space, she narrowed her vision on a couple of small boat drawings from a series I exhibited way back in 2008. 

I asked if she would like to borrow + live with with these two little works, to see if they felt 'right' in her home. 
And after a few days she called to ask if she could keep them, and commission a bigger, newer work to go alongside them! 

So after a lot of sketching, thinking and working...her new artwork was born.

I called it Silent Nightfall.
And yesterday Jen picked it up along with all the family.

It was lovely know that this little artwork was now going to live with a family that didnt exist the first time we talked about a commission.

I guess it truly is all about timing.... 

ideas n sketches... 

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One day I hope to be in a similar situation and commission something fabulous!!!!