Thursday, June 13, 2013

* at the end of the rainbow *

amazing moment in the most unlikely of places

I guess I never knew when that moment was going to happen to me.
That magical moment that i dreamt about - as a kid and an adult.
Would there be a pot of gold waiting for me?
Would I see something extraordinary? spectacular? out of this world?

Not. Quite.
The end of the rainbow did not produce any of those things.
But it did point me to some lovely words of wisdom -
that if you scroll down to the end -
you will also see.

Walking through the tunnel... what will I see?

Beautiful colours...
.... lovely stencils... of men with guitars...

.... lovely textures ....

... and lyrical mark making...

.... nature peering through the cracks ....

.... and paste ups that all lead to ....

... some words of wisdom!

And where is this magical place in Sydney?
Who would have thought?!

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