Monday, June 17, 2013

evoking a memory

little jug, drawing, 2013

This is just a little colour for a very cold + grey morning in Sydney.
Hopefully the fluoro pink stripe will hypnotise you and make you feel warm warm and sunny....

It was created many month back - when Summer was da the house - and life was a beach, a towel and a swimming costume. 

I like to think that an artwork can create a sense of escapism. 

This little drawing takes me back to February and moving into the Camperdown studio. It was late Summer and it was lovely to walk into a cool studio after baking in the hot sunshine. I had just started to sort out my drawings and sketches. And I remember looking at this rough outline of little jugs that I had begun in November - at drawing workshop that I had taught at the Pop Up space - and thinking it would be the perfect drawing to play with, as i started to unpack find my feet at the Camperdown space. 

As you can see from all the colours - I had fun with it...

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