Monday, June 24, 2013

details from dreaming

Details from Tracey Deeps beautiful exhibition at Koskela

It's difficult to write about this exhibition that I went to see at Koskela last week.
Writing about it would be similar to describing Vegemite to someone who has never tasted it before
You know that conversation that carries on forever until you say  - 'You've just got to try it!'?!

Well - it's the same in this situation.
I could talk on and on about Tracey Deep's exhibition entitled Dreaming - but - you just have to see it!
If not in person than in photos.

Tracey's work is amazingly beautiful from up close and 20 metres away.
Its textural, complex, thoughtful and in many cases - HUGE!
That is why the industrial walls of Koskela seemed to be made for her.

Its rare to see a gallery space and an artists' work match each other perfectly.
But when it does.... its magic.

Dreaming by Tracey Deep is on show at Koskela until July 2.
And if you would like to know more about Tracey , her artwork +  new workshops at Koskela,
please have a look here...

This was one of my favourite pieces by Tracey...

So so many different textures...

... and they seamlessly blended with Koskela's industrial walls.

Oh - to have this on your wall!

A wall view of Tracey's beautiful exhibition.

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