Tuesday, June 25, 2013

i l l u m i n a t i n g

With a break in the rain... a was able to go out for a walk
 - and just at that moment the sun came out

A beautiful conversation captured between a graffiti tag, and a strand of aerial roots
that formed part of Kath Fries'
installation art piece at The Incinerator Gallery 

I looked down and found this.
 simple. textured. perfect.

The white light of Winter falling down on a bundle of twigs
held together with a blue piece of string
Its a wet, grey, cold week in Sydney
so  I thought I would go out and look for colour.
At the end of the walk  I was drenched!
But I did find this little pocket of colour!
It was the Winter Solstice -
and after a day of torrential rain I had to get out of the house - even for a few moments -
to stretch my legs and look at the Indigo sky before nightfall.

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