Friday, June 21, 2013

outback nectar

Outback Nectar, 2012, Mixed Media drawing on Paper

Inspiration can come in many ways... and forms.
A conversation. A walk. A signpost. An article on a newspaper or magazine. 
Anything and everything can sow a seed of creativity in you. 

I remember being blown away by the images of the Queensland Floods in 2010/11 - and by what I was witnessing with every passing day, and every passing rainstorm.

The scenes were so devastating.
And yet the colours were amazingly beautiful. 
It was as if the land was coming back to life, after a decade of drought and stillness.
Orange, pink, red, ochre, blue, grey, yellow. 
Every colour in the paint box was there. 
And my hands could not keep up with the flow of ideas coming out of my head.

The drawing above called Outback Nectar was one of those drawings that I exhibited in my solo exhibition in June 2012 on the Queensland Floods.

Its now exactly one year on...
and my interests and inspirations have have shifted somewhat.
Instead of looking out at the Australian Landscape, Im looking up at the night sky.

But as you can see from the photo below - ive recently been back playing with the themes and colour palette from last year - recreating the Outback Nectar drawing... in weaving form!

I was not able to exhibit any weavings with my solo exhibition last year... 
So its been lovely to do it now, and give new life  - and new texture - to this body of work.

I hope you like it?

Outback Nectar, 2013, Mixed Media Weaving

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