Friday, June 28, 2013

then + now

Australian Outback 2012,
woven bowl
made with recycled plastic bags +  wool

Desert Palette, 2013,
 made with
wool,raffia, up cycled material off cuts, cotton, recycled plastic rope 

What are the similarities between these two weavings?
Well - Both weavings have the same theme of the Australian Outback.
Both weavings combine different materials and textures.
Both have the same palette, the same feeling, and funnily enough, were commissioned by the same person - to be given as special gifts.

BUT... the bowl at the top is tiny, and made for a little jobs, like giving jewellery a safe place to sleep at night.
And the new weaving -pictured below- is big, bold, and built to hang on the wall.

Over the past few years my weavings were made as a fun side project, and I didnt take them too seriously.
But this year something has changed. 
Ive started to explore and experiment with the way I make them and - like my drawings and paintings - they're beginning to tell stories and convey themes as they start to become part of my new series of exhibition artwork.

I guess your art practice constantly evolves, grows and changes.
But I feel that this change is a big one that Im only now starting to fully explore.
And im excited.

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