Monday, July 1, 2013

one day // two images

i n s i d e. 
o u t s i d e.

Such an amazing weekend.
And no - Im not talking about the weather which was grey, cold and very  very wet!
No - what Im talking about is the fun I had with all the new faces that I met at my two sold out weaving workshops over the weekend.

On Saturday I welcomed a lovely group of people to my studio  - for a lesson in coil weaving - and to play with as many colours and textures as humanly possible! The two hours flew by, and all the weaving definitely kept our minds off the torrential rain that was falling outside my door!

On Sunday I packed my bags and headed to the beautiful big workshop room at Koskela - to meet and play with other group of eager new weavers - all wanting to keep their creative hands n' minds busy with another crafty Winter activity!

Both days... and both workshops were fun and full of questions, experiments, and laughter.
And I loved every minute of it!

A massive thank you to ALL the new people that came to play.
I hope you all enjoyed it?
I cant wait to see some of your finished pieces in my inbox! 

And speaking of workshops - some of you may have noticed by now that Im heading to Adelaide in August for another weaving workshop weekend!! I will be teaching two workshops at Gate 8 in Thebarton on the 24/25 August. And all the details can be found on my tinytrappings shop - where you can also book!

I also have one more workshop this month at my studio on July 20... 
So please head to the the shop for all those details too!

In the meantime....
happy Monday.
And happy creating!

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