Monday, July 29, 2013

the reluctant sitter

At the opening of The North Sydney Art Prize on Friday night,
standing reluctantly next to my artwork!
Photo: Tina Fox

Very very rarely do I come out of hiding.
I like to tuck myself away behind behind my artworks
And let them do the talking for me.

But on certain occasions I am persuaded to stand front and centre... and give a shy smile to the lens. 
And the photo you can see above was taken on one of those 'special' occasions.

So... what was the occasion I hear you ask?
Well... Last Friday night The North Sydney Art Prize had its grand opening, and one of my new artworks was there, as it had been selected to be a finalist - which was a nice surprise. 

The artwork is called 'The Nocturne 528' and it is a diptych that comprises of a large mix media weaving and a drawing created on hand made paper.

Its the first time I have tried this combination - and on first glance I am happy with how they both look. 
But im like any other artist, and as I sat with it a bit longer on the night, I realised that there is a lot of room for this series to expand, grow + change.

And that's what I am excited about.
The next phase of this project.

But for now this artwork will sit on the wall at The North Sydney Chambers, and take in a view which consists of some pretty amazing paintings/drawings/photographs/ and weavings. 

And it doesn't end there!

As an added bonus this years prize is also being exhibited at the amazing Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability (which Ive written about here.) Its a brilliant site and a lovely place to revitalise an art prize that has just celebrated its 21st anniversary. Exhibiting half of the art prize at the Coal Loader was also great way to tie in this years curatorial theme which was Towards 2020.

And let me just say I was blown away with how each artist interpreted that theme - and what materials they used! Everything from plastics, hay, beeswax, steel, lace, was played with and manipulated to create some pretty amazing artwork.

It really is a great show and a great honour to be a part of it all.

The Nocturne 528, 2013, Mix Media weaving and drawing Diptych

The North Sydney Art Prize
27 July - 5 August 2013
(please click on the link for all the details)

ps - thank you so very much Tina Fox aka paperbagkits for taking this photo of me.
I know Im not the easiest of subjects!!

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