Thursday, August 8, 2013

keeping the dream alive

art session with two very special guests to the studio...

I love it when my studio space is invaded by new people - all wanting to play, explore and get messy.
I mean - why should I have all the fun?! 
The space needs to be enjoyed and shared with as many creative minds and hands as humanly possible. 

Since moving into the Camperdown studio way back in February - Ive opened up the space and organised a handful of workshops, to encourage people to unwind, chat and play for a few hours, with a group of like-minded and very friendly people! And so far - those workshops have been some of the best moments Ive had in the space. 

But last week the studio hosted a very special art session for two special guests (and their cheeky little brother) who were back in Australia for a visit. A year ago my good friend Rin and her husband Skip, moved their family to Dubai for an exciting new adventure. And when they said goodbye to Sydney this time last year, I was in the Pop Up space and did not have an inkling of the big move I would make to Camperdown. 

So I was eager to have them over to visit.
Especially Lil - who talks of becoming an artist when she grows up. 

So the pressure was on to show them a good time and keep the dream alive!

I set up the table with as many coloured textas, pencils and paints as I could - and within a minute they had picked their spot and started working on the most beautiful drawings.

When I asked Lil what she was creating she said - Its a story of a girl caught in a hail storm and she's waiting for a fairy to sprinkle silver glitter on her and grant her a wish. (probably for an umbrella!)
When I asked Goosey what she was creating she said - Art.

Nuff said.

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Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

Thank you for sharing your special space we all had a ball.