Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Some of my favouirte moments from July's weaving workshop
at the studio. Photos: Olenka FJ

In the last few days Ive been busy with some very fun creative projects -

Painting and drawing with tiny special guests in the studio from Dubai...
Crafting with Kit Palaskas and Olenka FJ for the Wonder 101 charity fete day in Surry Hills for the Girls + Boys Brigade...
And drawing drawing drawing drawing in on my big long desk in the studio for an upcoming solo show.

So you can imagine that a few things are going to fall through the cracks.
Important things like posting last months weaving workshop photos with you.
Where are my manners?! 
Naughty hamsters running the wheels in my head!!

The funny thing is - I was excited to share these photos with you, as they are so lovely and colourful.
It was a HUGE workshop - and the table was full of people that were all interconnected. 
Which I love!
People who work together, mother and daughters + brother and sisters - all weaving and chatting to one another like one big happy family.
So much so that before we all knew it, the two hours had sailed past - and everyone was walking out the door with the beginnings of a new woven form in their hands.
Great workshop!
Thank you everyone for coming along... and having fun.
This month the studio is taking a break from hosting workshops. But Im not! If you haven't noticed the information on the right side of this tiny blog - Im off to Im off to Adelaide this month to teach two one-day weaving workshops at Gate 8 Studios in Thebarton on the 24th and 25th Aug (10-3pm). Yee haa.

All the details can be found at http://tinytrappings.bigcartel.com/ 
where you can also book a place at the table. 

Enjoy your Tuesday and I hope it's colourful!

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