Tuesday, October 29, 2013

concrete + bamboo

^an old squat in Newtown with a doorway to the heavens^

city scape. bush scape
industrial. natural
busy. quiet
personal. professional
fast. slow

All I see at the moment is a world in high contrast.
Like the universe is full of binaries and we live within a mash up of the two.
Yeah - I know things are much more complicated than that.
But if the last two weeks have taught me anything
its that life can swing between two polar opposites within a matter of hours.

Like the bushfires in Sydney....
the dramatic weather changes across the world...
and the issues surrounding my health.

So im holding on by my fingers nails trying to focus on what is important to me.

Time to rest.
Time to enjoy family and friends.
Time to work in the studio...
and time to stop and look at things of beauty
that ordinarily lie underneath my nose
just waiting to be noticed.

^a new weaving that made its way to small spaces in redfern last week^

^one of my favourite laneways in Newtown with a mash up of paste ups^

^a beautiful old building that lives right next to my studio in campderdown.
 Its just been restored and unveiled to the public once more
after the completion of intense building works in the last two weeks^


Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

A simply beautiful post. Just like you. Sending much love. x

www.PaperBagKits.com said...

Argh just realised i havent visited for ages x beautiful words with your beautiful images x you need to do a zine!!!!! as if you didnt have enough to do!!!