Monday, October 21, 2013

stop and reboot.

Mirror art installation in Hyde Park entitled Field
that was part of Sydney's Art + About festival

Just realising something as I start to write this post and look at these images.
The reason why my body is not happy with me at the moment and is feeling unwell...
is for the simple reason that I have been running around town doing WAY too much. 

Ahhhh.... it all makes sense now.

From Paddington to Newtown, Balmain to Annandale - 
ive been running around Sydney trying to see and do as many things as I can...
And my body has thrown in the towel.

Oh well. 
Resting is important. 
Last week I wrote down three words which were...
rest. reflect. rediscover.
Maybe its time I practice a few of those things!

I think my body has put its foot down and started wave a white flag in protest already. 
Ok. I get the hint.

The M.H Franks building that has just been given a facelift in Camperdown.
It now sits high and proud - surrounded by a plethora of new apartments
 that arent a patch on this beauty.

At the back of Paddington sits a new gallery precinct
that includes Sarah Cottier, Martin Browne, Australian Galleries
and the long established Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery.
I had a great look at all their shows recently,
but i loved this beautiful telegraph poll outside!

Ive just made a lovely new friend.
And on the way to play at her studio the other day
I found a beautiful blue workman's cottage,
with this amazing terracotta succulent pot sitting at the front door.
I love finding new colours... and this blue was electric!

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