Tuesday, November 5, 2013

up + down

^sunset right outside my door...^

(no - im not turning all gansta on you!)

a yo -yo is what I feel like this week.
a yo-yo on an invisible string.

Somedays im focused on looking up - paying attention to all the beauty and colour that surrounds me at the moment. And other days im busily working away in the studio and moving things around my feet, in preparation for new artworks to begin and take shape.

Its a busy time. And a busy start to November as things get rearranged and sorted for the race to the end-of-the-year finishing line. If one existed!! Have you started to look back at what's happened to you this year?? Ive started to - especially in relation to my residency studio in Camperdown and what I would like to still achieve in that space before I have to sadly move on.

This week Ive started to rearrange things and focus on the direction I would like to take for a possible solo show next year.
So far weaving and teaching workshops has taken a large portion of my time this year.
But now I need a pencil and paintbrush in my hand - and be surrounded by lots of colour, and all my sketches and thoughts from the year so I can start getting busy on this new collection, that has been patiently waiting to get out of my head and onto a paper and a big blank sheet of canvas for a while now.

^walking around the streets of Sydney
Im surrounded by tiny purple flowers that are blooming from every Jacaranda tree^

^back to the drawing board. Literally.^

^ive moved things around again in the studio as I start to focus on new drawings and paintings
for a possible solo show next year^

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