Thursday, October 10, 2013

pounding the pavement.

^An owl pasteup sitting - or sun-baking - on a wall in Newtown^

Please excuse me while I put my Nana hat on and talk about the weather.
Im sorry. 
I know its not the most interesting of subject matters, but in this part of the globe the weather is so incredibly extreme at the moment, its hard not to talk about it with anyone and everyone you meet.

Its dry, its windy, its hot....
and Spring has been pushed aside to make way for Summer - who wants to come alittle early to the party! 

Dont get me wrong though...
I LIKE the heat!
But today it feels like the middle of summer and I am trying to escape the searing sun-rays by hiding indoors, and from behind my little laptop.

So, while I hide from the heat, I thought I would share some of my favourite images from a few recent walks in Newtown - that lovely and eclectic inner city suburb that always provides inspiration and entertainment...
Oh - and colour. 
Lots of colour.

Ready. Aim....

A beautiful old wooden door in a Newtown laneway

Colourful paint peeling off a door.
 Its the simple pleasures that make me happy...

An old Newtown laneway, that still gives a nod to its past

Colours and textures that have been inspiring me at the moment.
And it all started with one tile.

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Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

Such gorgeous pictures, love the colours. x