Monday, October 14, 2013

time to get excited.

^Forest. coil weaving. 2013^

If you feel as though your head in the sand at the moment, and you have NO IDEA of what's going on beyond the boundaries of your family/home/work sphere - let me just say - you're not alone.

These past few months have moved like the speed of sound. 
So much so that I feel like I have a touch of whiplash! 
Its true. 
This year has confounded everyone with its speed and insatiable intensity. 
I believe that the only ones that are not feeling the effects of it all - are the quiet and meditative souls living in beautiful ashrams in the foothills of Northern India. 

But seriously - this year is insane.
And the only way I can stay on top of it all is to try and take a walk... when I can. 
Talk to a friend over a coffee... if I can. 
And to play in the studio....when I can. 
Oh - and be surrounded with as much colour and texture as I can. 
As that is what inspires me.

In last month Ive been incredibly busy in the studio surrounded all things green, as Ive been quietly making the woven forms you can see in these images (above and below) for a beautiful design/art store in Sydney called Small Spaces. Last week I handed all seven of them over to Sarah, who is the lovely owner of this beautiful store in Redfern, and Im really excited to have my woven work represented in such a lovely space.  (You can take a look at the Small Spaces website here...)

The other bit of exciting news I had to share with you today, is that I am teaching a week long summer school coil weaving course at STURT in January!!! woo hoo...

For those who have never seen or heard of Sturt before, it is a beautiful craft and design college in Mittagong, which is a town in the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney. It is a college that runs courses throughout the year, in all types of art, craft and design. And in Summer and Winter they invite artists' to teach week long courses, so people can make, create, and submerge themselves in the craft of their choosing, while meeting all manner of interesting people.

I am completely humbled to have been invited to teach what I love. 
And slow down for a week while meeting a whole new community.

And all I can say is...
Bring on January! 
Im sure it will be here in... oh... a nanosecond!


^Interwoven Tree Scape. coil weaving. 2013^

^Green Spaces. coil weaving. 2013^

The new collection of weavings,
 that is now available at Space Spaces Store in Redfern, Sydney.

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