Thursday, October 17, 2013

s t r o l l

^found this beautiful mini camper in the back streets of Balmain
while I was waiting for my car at the mechanics. Later I found out that its
a mobile bar for hire! Wouldn't it be great to have it set up in a park for a garden party?!^

^lately I been feeling that Im in the studio too much
and not seeing enough art!
So i jumped in the car one afternoon last week and saw 10 galleries in one go!
Mad - yes.
But did I see some great art? Oh yes indeedy!!^
^ everyday in Sydney we have experiencing unseasonable hot weather and clear blue skies.
So the sight of dark grey clouds one morning last week made me get out the camera
and document...^
^blue blue blue Clovelly beach in Sydney's Eastern suburbs^

^ the Jacaranda trees are out early this year as its been so so hot.
 I love their lilac blooms contrasted
with these clear blue October skies^

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