Monday, December 23, 2013

twas the week before christmas...

^New weavings are happening
as I get out of the studio
and back onto my couch!^

The cicadas have arrived. The schools are closed for the Summer. And people from far and wide have started to arrive, just as the locals head up and down the coast with kids, pets, and books packed in the back seat of their cars. 

I really like this time of year. The parks, beaches and roads are calm and relaxed, as everyone slows down to draw breath. The humidity makes everything and everyone lazy and hazy - and Sydney says hello to Summer. 

From those few sentences you may have guessed that Im working to a Spanish time clock. And you'd be half right. At the moment my favourite word is 'manana'. But ive also been a little unwell, as my body has been letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that it's time to sit still and get better before January - and my summer workshop at Sturt. 

So I apologise that my posts have been few and far between.
But I do hope you're enjoying the lead up to the holidays...
Wherever you may be in the globe.

In the next few days I hope to post some images from two brilliant studio visits I made in the last few weeks.
And post more photos from a few of the things Ive been up too!

But for now here are a few images from the tiny trappings play book... 
that involve weaving, swimming, and collecting colour from some recent Sydney strolls x

^Ive been taking a little time away from the studio.
But in a quick visit to the space in the last few days,
I discovered that these beautiful flowers
that I had set up in the space for my Pop Up show
 had dried and turned the most beautiful colour! I love happy co-incidences!^

^Stroll down memory lane.
Milson Park Kirribilli^

On a lightening quick visit to Darlinghurst last week
I decided to take myself on a stroll through a few back alleys.
And found this.

^New commission.
For a lady who loves pink.^

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