Monday, January 13, 2014

an afternoon in the ceramic studio of Alex Standen

^Alex Standen in her studio at Sturt in Mittagong - explaining some new ideas and experiments...
to a captive audience!^

This post is rather timely as I have just spent a magical week in a beautiful place called Sturt ,which is an art/craft/design centre in Mittagong, a town which is located in the Southern Highlands of Sydney. 

I was there to teach a weaving/drawing/textile course. 
And I was there, in part, because of this beautiful lady who introduced my work to the lovely people at Sturt.

Alex and I met while we were working at Object: Australian Design Centre a few years ago, and we've been great mates ever since. Alex is an amazing ceramic artist with an impressive cv for someone who recently graduated from The National Art School with a BA honours degree in ceramics.

Last month I had the privilege of visit Alex in her beautiful studios space at Sturt - 
and these are a few of my photos from that trip.

I hope you enjoy this tiny tour of her studio.
And if you would like to know more about Alex you can visit find her on instagram... 

^tiny moments on her studio bench-top^

^fresh strawberries...a painted stool... and a ceramic donut.
just the usual things you find in the studio^

^beautiful collection of nesting bowls ^

^lovely light^

^Window sill... full of inspiration^

^colour experiments^

^blue features a lot in her new work^

^just for fun.
Alex plays with these pieces and many of them follow her home to her kitchen^

^all in the details^

^ such a beautiful space^

Thank you again Alex for letting us come for a tiny visit....

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