Monday, April 13, 2015

ochre light

Its been such a busy start to 2015.
New work projects, social catch ups, workshops, travel... they all seem to be happening so quickly - that its sometimes hard to stay grounded and enjoy every experience as they whiz past at an exponential rate.

So .... just to recap.
Its April. Easter has just happened. 
Its Autumn. 
And im madly busy in the studio.
Working on commissions. 
Which have been exhausting but great. 

Working to a brief and creating a new artwork for someone can be a lovely process... for the most part! 

But it can be tricky - as you really have to try and understand what each person is asking for. And then make sure you stay true to yourself and create within your aesthetic to produce an artwork that says alot about you... and them.

In the last few months Ive had the pleasure of working with a lovely person who doesn't live in Sydney and has never seen my work in the flesh. So all our communication has been through phone calls and emails. 


Some how we had to find common ground and create a level of trust.
She had to trust that I would create a painting she would love -
And I had to trust myself.

Above and below are the two finished works from this lovely project. 
Above is the preliminary sketch.
Below is the finished painting.

And we're both happy.

^Whispers in Ochre Light. Acrylic on Canvas. 2015^

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Jody Thompson said...

Arrggghhh, I can't even express how talented you are! Honestly, I love your work SO much. I'm thinking of using you as an inspiration for my next project so if you do painting workshops (which, if you don't, you should) then let me know. - Jody