Friday, May 1, 2015


First day of a new month. 
And its raining. 
Rain seems to be the familiar backdrop for most days here in Sydney at the moment.
Its a very wet Autumn - and even though we're all thankful for it, we're all looking for excuses to stay in bed and hide away from it too. 

I have to admit Ive been hiding at home this week.
Partly because Im trying to get well after a few health hiccups.
And partly because I need a creative break, so I can let my thoughts linger on what Ive achieved in the past few months.

These days we seem to be focused on what is yet to come and how much is yet to accomplished - like a hamster on a wheel.

Which is an exhausting way to think and feel. 

I was heading down that road until I stopped and let my thoughts linger on what Ive done in the studio this year - and what Ive liked.

And I kept coming back to this little fellow. 

Its a drawing that was completed for a commission but ended up staying with me.
Which Im happy about. 
Its only a small artwork but I think it holds a few ideas for future experiments and larger pieces....

Artwork details: Grevillea Movements in Mint, 2015, mix media on paper

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