Wednesday, June 3, 2015

new season. new adventures

Its June/
And in this part of the world its Winter.
And boy has it said hello with a blast of Arctic air! 
No one can be in ANY doubt that we have transitioned to a new season.

I love smelling the wood burning on open fires. 
And hearing people cooking and creating hearty soups and stews as I walk through the neighbourhood at dusk. All the senses are heightened as you start to cherish the hours of sunlight and the warm textures of home. 

In the studio ive been putting the finishing touches on a few commissions. And clearing the white pin-boards for a whole new series of works. 

But the research and sketching time comes first.
And to do that Im flying out to Europe for a six weeks adventure in Dubai, Italy and Greece.

I leave in a few short hours! 

So Im finishing this post with a few images from the last few weeks of May...

And ill see you all soon.

Keep well and warm! 

oh and before I go I have to say a big thank you to Jody and Honor for their beautiful comments in the past few weeks. Its hard to reply to comments on this blog.... so I thought id say it here! xxx

Image above and below from a series of acrylic paintings on paper. 2015

^Looking up^

^beautiful colours of the season.

^leaves in flight^

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