Wednesday, August 5, 2015

easy does it...


A month the signals that Winter is nearly done. That the end of the year is close. And that New years Eve conversations can begin - or so said my lovely friend - who just asked if I would like to come away with her and some mates for the end of year countdown! 

I still feel like its March or maybe May. I know Im way way off the mark... but as I start to get my body acclimatised to Sydney time after six weeks of summer travels in Europe, I cant help but feel that this year needs to settle down a bit, and not speed off into the distance like it has been. 

Cant deny that some lovely things have happened in 2015 though. 

Teaching at Sturt College in Summer... taking part in a great group exhibition in Paddington, working on some interesting commissions in the studio and then travelling to Dubai, Italy and Greece and then completing a brilliant residency on the island of Skopelos in Greece.

But more of that later...

Today I just wanted to share one image.
Of a steamy hot morning in Dubai.
I wanted to see the desert and my dear friends who live there took me on a tour.
And boy was I blown away.
It is so beautiful.
And the light softly glows on the sand. 
It was nearly 40 degrees and we only jumped out of the car for a moment. 
But it was one of my favourite moments from the whole trip.

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Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

There is some special magic out there in those dunes. It's not easy to explain, you have to discover it for yourself. I'm glad you got to taste it, even just for a moment!