Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Summer -
And the scent of star jasmine was in the air.
And coffee and pizza.
But thats normal.

The flowers were out and so were the tables and chairs, and carts selling expensive bottles of water to sweaty tourists.

I ended up walking... and walking... and walking...
Campo de' Fiori, Trastevere, Vatican City, The Jewish Quarter, The botanical Gardens... mainly with my head tiled upwards, so I could look at all the beautiful facades on all the buildings. But you always have to have an eye on the road as you never know when a vespa will be coming right for your toes!

I did some of the touristy sights and stood in some LOOOONG queues. But some of my favourite moments were when I just stopped - usually in tiny a laneway - and listened to all the sounds. Locals talking with their hands, deliveries being made, kids playing, businessmen in Armani suits strutting and talking loudly on their phones and women stopping to chat from their window sills.

As usual I was collecting colours... and textures and soaking in the sun.
These are a few of my favourite details.

Garden. Life. Campo de' Fiori

My local hood. 

Collecting colour at the markets. 


The beautiful textures and crumbling facades of  The Jewish Quarter

The most beautiful cherries from Sicily

In the Vatican Museum courtyard


Im not sure what this lovely image represents, but there were versions of it all over the city

writings. thoughts. and a whole lot of character. 

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