Sunday, August 23, 2015


Ahhhh... Venice.
Everything that people say about this tourist mecca is true.
Its complicated, and so are the locals.
The place is full of history, beautiful details, money, and a whole of secrets and hidden treasures that you can only dream about. Its packed with tourists, and people who want to help them spend their dollars. Its an expensive place, and yet the best things are free. Its full of art, food, culture - and invariably you will find music playing in the background wherever you walk.

Its a perfect expression of Italy itself. 
Its contradictory, frustrating and its bloody amazing all at the same time. 

On this trip I was focused on seeing as much of The Venice Biennale as possible. 
But I also took a day trip to Murano and Burano. 
And that has to be a separate post - as Burano was one of the most amazing places that Ive ever visited!  

But today its all about Venice itself.... and the walks and Vaporetti rides I took along the grand canal. I hope you enjoy them...

every back alley is a painting... 

Graffiti, flowers, water fountain and a lot of lovely wall details...
near the university
The Grand canal after the rain...

The textures of Murano Isola

Flowers everywhere and beautiful rich ochre coloured hotels and Palazzi

Down the end of my street this was the view that I was lucky enough to enjoy.
Such a beautiful sunset...

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