Monday, September 7, 2015

b u r a n o

Island Life. Burano. Italy

Its sunny, its Monday, and it feel like the perfect time to celebrate the start of Spring with some colour... 

Actually... LOTS of colour. 

Over the years Ive been lucky enough to travel to Venice a few times. 

So on this years trip to Europe I knew I wanted to see the Biennale but I also wanted to experience some unfamiliar parts of the city. 

And that's not a hard thing to do as Venice is incredibly complex and diverse city - with over a hundred islands on the lagoon, each with its own unique character. 

So besides seeing a million exhibitions for the Venice Biennale, I took a few vaporetti rides out onto the lagoon to explore. And my favourite trip, by FAR, was my day on the island of Burano.

I felt like I was home. 

The colours, the textures, the slower pace to life, the friendly locals, the history and the craftsmanship of the lace-makers who live on the island. 

It all made for an amazing experience. 

I just hope my images do the place justice?! 


abandoned but beautiful.

Every window box was immaculate and lovely